Meet the Seraphim Temier
as he teaches through Sam Holland

Have you ever had a discussion with an angel
that got recorded for you?

Have you ever had the opportunity to get all your questions answered from the highest spiritual perspective, while still getting practical answers?

Sam and the Seraphim Temier working together provide a bridge between the high vibration of the spiritual world, and the full understanding of the physical world. This means that in workshops or readings, wisdom from the angelic realms is passed on in a way that makes practical sense for us to use in our physical world
. Questions are answered in a gentle and loving manner, yet focussed and to the point.

Temier’s workshops are known for their meditations that gently teach you how to use your own problem solving ability. The result is that positive lifelong transformations are achieved. The workshops literally teach you how to fish and not just be given fish. Instead of a temporary “feel good” fix the results last a lifetime(s) and contribute enormously to your spiritual growth and happiness.


"Outstanding is how I would rate this class.  The info was given so clearly.  I was amazed at the quantity of info that I received.  I feel like there is even more, or should I say another layer of info to unfold on my own.  I also greatly appreciate the humor!!"
Jill Albano

“ The loving understanding and gentleness gave me the openness to hear beyond the words.
No words can tell how incredibly happy I am you share Temier with us!”
Carry Meijs

“ It is like talking to the best friend you could ever have, compassionate, knowing you by heart and kindly honest. For us the information was beyond expectations and very helpful for supporting our life path at this moment. Knowing Temier's reading, it will also be supportive in the future in ways we can't yet grasp. It is a true gift! ”
Maria Sauter

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