Meet the Angel Temier

Through Merged Medium Sam Holland

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Explanation of the Life Path Signet

Your Signet is made up of seven factors:

1. A circular disk that represents the expression of your highest potential.
2. An equal armed cross that balances your path in both the spiritual & physical worlds.
3. A central dot that creates a heartfelt movement that brings harmony to your life path.
4. The four directions that support a balanced perspective as you express your potential.

North: The wise overview that clearly sees the big picture.
South: The innocence that sees the details without prejudice.
West: The motivation that creates accomplishment.
East: The strength that keeps your accomplishments useful.

5. Four guide animals that help connect your life path through the perception of the directions.
6. The four quadrants that represent areas of your life path where you project your potential.

The South West quadrant: The way you internalize, or see yourself.
The South East quadrant: The way you integrate your experiences.
The North East quadrant: The way you interact with others and your environment.
The North West quadrant: The way you release your experiences into your environment

7. The symbols in each of the quadrants show what qualities you have that are expressed through the energy of the quadrant.
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