Meet the Angel Temier

Through Merged Medium Sam Holland

A Master Class All About Life

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A masterclass that helps you achieve proficiency over your life goals. The classes are intense and are aimed at those that are on a strong spiritual path and want to make a difference.

Taught and guided by the Seraph Temier and the master teachers:
  • Oric, a Lemurian.
  • Ah-Co-La, an Atlantean.
  • Whispering Woman, an ancient Native American.

Seven classes meeting every other week starting Sunday March 18, 2018 over the web.
11am West Coast
2pm East Coast
8pm Netherlands
They are recorded for review or are available if you cannot attend.
$50. ( €40. ) per class or $300. ( €240. ) up front.
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This series of classes explores your passage throughout all time, all the way from the big bang to Humanities’ and your ultimate achievement.
They are taught using powerful meditative techniques that touch everyone in a productive and uniquely enlightening way. They help you to achieve lasting results instead of a momentary glow.

Everyone choses a lifetime with reachable goals. These goals are often elusive and are chipped away through a trial and error process, bouncing between pain and reward.
However, there are also constant Universal goals that intertwine with your daily path through life. They pertain to living your identity in positive interaction with the Universe. They were individually set at the beginning of time and are present throughout time, even as you experience each lifetime.
Your identity throughout time is elusive but there are ways to proceed along a path that is synchronous with your current understanding of yourself, and with the Universe’s goal.
Discovering and living your identity with Universal synchronicity is the purpose of this series of classes.
The aim is a more fulfilling and joyful presence in this life.