Meet the Angel Temier

Through Merged Medium Sam Holland

Quotes and Audio Clips

Below Temier discusses the 'Universal 2000 Year Plan'. This information was first given in the 19th Healing Gathering.
He also gives an affirmation, first given in the 17th Healing Gathering.
  1. Universal 2000 Year Plan
  2. Affirmation Given by Temier

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An Interesting thought from Temier about the connection between ego and a persons spiritual path:

“Lets for a moment define ego as the difference between a persons spiritual growth path and their expression of that path. As the difference becomes smaller the persons ego becomes an expression of who they really are. And, as their true expression becomes more prevalent, the person becomes more powerful, without the need to dominate. In other words, the person becomes more honest and easier to be with.”

Some examples of Temier’s direct, gentle approach:

“If you seem to be having difficulty getting your way, it has little to do with the value of your way. Look at your attitude about getting your way.”

“In this age polarity rules. Remember that opposites attract. What have you done to attract the polarity? Ease up! Become tolerate! Accepting another opinion does not mean that you agree with it!”

“Reaching agreement involves expanding the others perspective, from their perspective, into a more universal balance. It has nothing to do with your understanding, or for that matter, your perspective.”

Some more thought provoking quotes from Temier:

“When the teacher realizes that he is the student and his students are his teachers, then he has arrived.”

“Forgiveness for any act perpetrated against you is not automatic or easy. Growth is needed in order to forgive the act. When there are no longer acts perpetrated against you, you have grown to, and achieved, a state of grace.”

“Learning has little to do with repeating something you have been told or have memorized. Learning has to do with real life experience.”

“Who you are isn’t about what you have learned, or the culture you are part of. What you have learned are but results of who you truly are.”

“What you have learned through experience, is the path to discovering who you are.”
The wisdom and information made available by Sam and Temier is extremely precious, both in content as well as through the purity of the process through which it is received. They are to be used with the utmost respect.
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