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Through Merged Medium Sam Holland

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The Spiritual Symposiums are an exceptional opportunity to receive information from different Ages, different cultures, and therefore different perspectives on the topic of that particular Symposium. The information is delivered in a way that is totally pertinent to this day and age. More so, the information is very helpful on our unique, personal paths.

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  1. Ancient Healing Techniques
  2. Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution
  3. Ultimate Healing
  4. Connection with Creative Force
  5. Reaching Within yourself for expert guidance.
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The wisdom and information made available by Sam and Temier is extremely precious, both in content as well as through the purity of the process through which it is received. They are to be used with the utmost respect.
Needless to say these materials, including recordings and written information are copyrighted by Sam and Temier and are for your personal use only. Please contact Sam if you wish to use them for any other reason, including passing them on to others.