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Workshops by Temier

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7 Levels of Perception
There is no limit to the infinite Universe. So whenever consciousness looks through the eyes of the Universe, the consciousness perceives the infinite. If the consciousness joins the Universe the consciousness becomes infinite…
The 7 movements of human consciousness can tap into the universe and move the consciousness down into the most practical earthy levels.

7 Steps to Humanities Purpose
What is humanity's purpose? Is there an end to our existence? Why are we driven in a certain direction? What are guidelines for a productive life?
Temier will answer all these questions in a rational and productive way, not only from the perspective of a Seraphim, but also from the view of the practical Earth-bound world.

7 Tools For A Successful Incarnation
When we are in an incarnation it is difficult to perceive all the help that is available. However, we are continuously surrounded by many unseen helpers. In addition to our helpers there are many other factors that are available to us. All that is needed is to recognize and use them.

Your Personal Council Of 7
To anyone that is on a strong spiritual path there are many ways to receive guidance. Temier calls the most powerful one the Council of Seven. Each member of the Council has a unique way to interact, and comes from an unparalleled perspective. The combination of all input is thorough and remarkable in its wisdom.

7 Unavoidable Influences
The Creative Force put into being a Universe that does not require hands-on interaction. It leads every sentient being to become a compassionate, loving soul through free will choice. This is accomplished by putting into action 7 universal and unavoidable influences.*
These 7 influences keep us focused on self improvement. Together they create greater awareness as to who we are and what our purpose is. All 7 are necessary and sufficient in order to create a loving and compassionate life. In this workshop Temier will lead us through each of the 7 influences and help us gain a much better understanding about our paths through life.

7 Realms For Spiritual Growth
The realms of spiritual growth are numerous and may seem complex. However, the emergence into, and passage through these realms is almost automatic. The caveat is discomfort if growth is resisted. As you would presume, resistance is a free will choice.
   The happy news is that an understanding of the realms and their purpose is straightforward. It does however, require effort ( i.e. Some assembly is required. )  :-)  It means that movement beyond what is currently known is necessary. Otherwise it would not be growth. 

7 Levels Of The Mind
Our mind is capable of spiritual interaction well beyond traditional intelligence of memory and logic.
Even while we are in a physical incarnation it is possible for us to reach extended levels of consciousness such as omni-presence. There are even higher levels of consciousness that are unattainable while in the physical, but are necessary to reach in our evolutionary path back to the Creative Force.

More Workshops by Temier

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Cost is $5.00 per title or $20.00 for 5. Payment is by the honor system.
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So You Don’t Have Enough Time?
Time exists to keep things in order. So if there is not enough time, things are out of order. It’s important that we don’t get ahead of ourselves.
However, there is an alternative and innovative way to create time. There really is enough of it to accomplish all that is needed.
Bring More Happiness Into Your Life
Long lasting happiness cannot be achieved by taking a pollyanna approach to life’s difficulties. There are however techniques that can help find the humor inherent in any situation. Even grief can be transformed into happy memories. It is possible to bring happiness into your life.
The key is to find the point of light that exists in every situation. The light allows happiness to overpower the situation, and to bring it to a point of balance. With a bit of knowledge and practice the process becomes automatic.
Temier’s techniques are not a temporary “feel good” experience, but a process that provides a lasting effect that can stay with you your entire life.

Life as an Art Form
The movement through life is a form of art. Yes, we may have to step back quite a distance in order to recognize the art, but it is there none the less. A huge advantage concerning the higher energy and awareness that exists today, is that it helps us to find new and creative ways through which we can express that art.
This workshop will help you to recognize and express your life art in profound and creative ways. It helps you to realize that life is not a series of events or even sometimes a struggle, but your path through life is a unique form of art.

Karma Free Assertiveness
There are many times in our lives where we need to take control of a situation. But if we become too forceful we are in danger of creating ill feelings, or worse yet, pushing another person off their path. This than can become a situation with karmic repercussions.
If you wish to provide great leadership, be it at work or with family and friends, this workshop will be particularly valuable. Indeed, proper guidance and leadership are the key to accomplishing our goals without creating stress or problematic situations.

Is Your Life a Toaster-Fridge?
Toaster-fridge is a new word recently coined in Silicon Valley. It means combining two dissimilar products into one, usually with a dramatic lack of success.
Analogically, many of us try to do the same thing in our lives. We take two different perspectives or activities and at the same time cram them into a single body! For example texting while on a coffee date, or cooking while watching the kids, or working while interacting with the family…
In the workshop Temier will help us come to grips with the toaster-fridges that crop up in our everyday lives. Temier will do this in a way that enriches our lives without the need to compartmentalize. Discover how to allow a flow to exist that gracefully combines toasters and fridges…

To become inspired implies that something outside of yourself gets your attention. It allows you to see something electrifying that was previously hidden. However, any external event is created through attitude and actions that brings it into your experience.
In this workshop Temier will help you to create inspirational opportunities using gentle, interesting exercises. Inspire yourself to have fun in your life!

Eliminating Chaos
Finding a New Balance Everything is moving along quite rapidly nowadays. Not only is the energy higher and the vibrations faster, but many things are seeking a new balance. All this put together means that there can be a bit of chaos around us.
In this workshop, Temier will help us discover new ways to achieve and maintain balance, independently of whatever is going on in our environment. These new techniques are important because the higher energies and vibrations are here to stay!
Help along the way
In every incarnation we are surrounded by a multitude of helpers, including guides and angelic forces. In addition there are many other avenues for help. They include totems, familiars, nature spirits, and omens. Every creation in Earth has a role that plays out in our personal growth. Indeed everything in our life provides an omen that helps direct us on our path.
In this workshop, Temier will help us gain new perspectives and insights about contacting our spiritual helpers. Indeed, everything around us helps answer our questions.

Humanity's journey
Temier, with his ability to span time, is uniquely qualified to tell the story of humanity. It starts with the big bang, passing through the present and ending with the ultimate achievement of Humanity. If you have ever wondered why we are here and what is our goal, then this is a workshop that will help answer your questions.

Map out your year
When you are traveling to a new destination it is handy to have a road map so you don’t get lost. However, because of our free will choice, it is not as easy to map out our path through life. Our priorities change as our experiences evolve. Our life path is literally an ever expanding journey through unpredictable changes.
The good news is that it is possible to map out the energies we will face, while still leaving our decisions to free will choice. The timing of the unfolding energies may still be a bit vague but it is possible to prepare ourselves for their unfoldment.
In this workshop, Temier will help us create a map of our unfoldment over the next year. The process is greatly enhanced by the energy of the Winter Solstice. This Solstice provides a powerful opportunity to reach within ourselves to make use of the upcoming opportunities that your map will predict.

Even More Workshops by Temier

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Cost is $5.00 per title or $20.00 for 5. Payment is by the honor system.
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Unboxing Yourself
There are many short videos showing the eager unboxing of the latest and greatest product. This workshop is similar but the product is you. Unboxing yourself is a powerful way to liberate yourself from old concepts and misconceptions. It brings out the pure expression of your uniqueness (power) that will bring ultimate joy into your life.
Temier will use fundamental Universal processes that help unveil your uniqueness in a gentle and empowering way. Be prepared for new discoveries and for old concepts to be expanded in enriching ways.

The Absence of Time
Time is an remarkably useful happening that can become an extraordinarily beautiful experience when it does not exist!
Sometimes time seems to fly by and other times it goes by excruciatingly slow. In a sense, time is a measure of how closely we are living in the present. Even though time is an elusive thing, it is not too difficult to create an arena that is devoid of time. Time’s absence exists when we are not trying to force ourselves into the future or trying to experience the past. Indeed, when we are absolutely in the moment time has no meaning and is totally absent from our state of being. This absence of time is a precious instant where we are totally at one with all things.
This workshop is all about achieving the absence of time in a gentle helpful way. Time’s absence will not be used as an escape from the reality of life but to create a productive reality in your life. Temier will also give us a glimpse into his world where time has never existed.

The Emergence of the Wise Woman
All of us progress through 7 year evolutionary cycles that act to define our personal life path. However, women are blessed with another sequence that further refines their path as they evolve toward what is called the wise woman. This is a natural pattern that, when fully accepted, becomes a new and more fulfilling way of life. The wise women expands beyond motherhood and family into a far greater expression of practical wisdom. The wisdom is delivered in a balanced, caring manner. Women move through this evolutionary process through a predictable 5 year sequence.
In this workshop, Temier will define and work with these 5 year sequences in a way that brings greater understanding and power to all women as they enter this significant wise woman phase of their life. With a greater understanding of these predictable sequences it is possible to express even more wisdom for humanity.

The Emergence of the Spiritual Warrior
At a certain age, the masculine gender reaches an inner desire that they must accomplish some noteworthy event. This usually begins around the age of 42 and peaks at the age of 49. Often it has to do with career, family, or recognition. The urge can be strong enough that they embark on some adventure, switch careers or even retire early to write a great novel. There is always a creative urge behind the process, and courage, focus and dedication are required in order for it to reach full expression. Thus the designation Spiritual Warrior. The Spiritual Warrior passage goes through 5 year phases and, through free will choice, reaches full expression within 15 - 25 years.
In this workshop Temier will describe the universal reason behind the passage in a way that will empower those that chose to follow this path.
This is an important workshop for anyone who wishes to achieve a greater balance in a world and cultural environment that is vigorously changing.

Seeing through another’s eyes
The key to settling arguments, as well as balancing polarities, is to see the others point of view. It is actually quite easy. All you have to do is to become quiet and peaceful and then view the situations through the others eyes.
In this workshop Temier will take you through safe, gentle process that help you to see another’s point of view. This does not mean that you agree with them but it does help you to come to a balanced, peaceful understanding.

Letting Go
Letting go is an art. It is something everyone can learn how to do. However, the thing that letting go brings to the table beyond any other art form, is the powerful and immediate potential that is brought to the surface. It releases creative juices in an explosion of practical, useful and productive opportunities. But even beyond that, letting go enormously expands your arena of personal growth.
In this workshop Temier will lead us through gentle, experiential look at the common thread between all partnerships including the mundane and universal. The result will be a greater harmony between all our relationships.

The Identity Compass
The universe’s ultimate joy is expressed when everyone is living who they truly are. Another way of stating that is your innate potential is expressed when you live your authentic identity.
In this workshop Temier will give gentle, yet powerful exercises that will help you find your true identity. Temier will show you how to follow a compass that points the way on your unique path through life.

What a strange topic for a workshop, particularly to be delivered by an angel!
However, one of the most prevalent things that we have to deal with is stuff that comes into our lives that no longer serves us. These unneeded things typically come from respected places and people such as culture, family, and teachers. They are embedded in our subconscious from early childhood on. this does not imply that they are bad, for at the time they served us, if only as a catalyst for growth. They need to be unlearned in order to improve the quality of our lives.
In this workshop Temier will guide us through light hearted, gentle, yet powerful processes that allow us to detach or unlearn what no longer serves us. The space created this way will be filled with the freedom to move forward using our emerging potential.

Create Greater Joy
Your thinking pattern dictates your life. Never before in the history of humanity does the saying “What goes around, comes around” have a greater influence than in today’s world. Your mindset has a profound influence on the joy you experience as you move through your life path.
In this workshop Temier will help you with practical exercises that modify your awareness in a way that creates joy. The greater awareness will also help you gain a positive effect on personal economics and health.

Workshops by Temier

Just click on the title to download ( via DropBox ) the workshop recording.
Cost is $5.00 per title or $20.00 for 5. Payment is by the honor system.
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The wisdom and information made available by Sam and Temier is extremely precious, both in content as well as through the purity of the process through which it is received. They are to be used with the utmost respect.
Needless to say these materials, including recordings and written information are copyrighted by Sam and Temier and are for your personal use only. Please contact Sam if you wish to use them for any other reason, including passing them on to others.