Meet the Angel Temier

Through Merged Medium Sam Holland

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Pathways Meetings
Keeping Your Life
On Track
Temier & Sam are giving an ongoing web class.
Drop in is encouraged.

Virtually everyone’s perspective either is in change, or is in need of change. If you can relate to this please read on.
You undoubtably see divisions being created all around you and your natural desire for a new balance is amplified and wants to grow. You experience an inner desire that more is needed but you are not sure exactly what it is.
However, as you learn to cope with the strong and diverse external perspectives, your internal point of view changes. Then, with a bit of help, your personal life path begins to adjust and your real purpose in life becomes clearer.
These meetings will help you to gracefully create a new internal balance. They will permit you to discover the productive changes that are needed on your personal path. They will help build stability even if there is disorder around you.
This will result in a better understanding of your individual potential, which then can lead to a greater expression of your personal power. And that’s a really good thing!
Ultimately, and more significantly, as you maintain a stable balance you help to create a more balanced world and a greater sense of belonging.
After registering you will get an email that has the web address for the class. To join the class just click on the link. You will get a reminder 1 hour before the class. Be sure to save the email ! The service we use is by Zoom which is secure and easy to use. If you have not used Zoom before you may be asked to download a small safe program to your PC, phone or pad.
The cost is $15.00
( Honor system. )
January 28 and every other Sunday right before the Healing Gatherings

10:00 am West Coast
1:00pm East Coast
6:00pm in the U.K.
7:00pm Netherlands
Temier, through angelic wisdom and merger with Sam, is uniquely able to lead these classes as each of us progress through life.
Each meeting is about 45 minutes long and addresses a specific perspective or question in a gentle practical way.
A free Healing Gathering shortly follows each meeting. The healing will help to crystallize what you have experienced in the preceding meeting.
However each class meets independently and separate registration is needed for each one.
The wisdom and information made available by Sam and Temier is extremely precious, both in content as well as through the purity of the process through which it is received. They are to be used with the utmost respect.
Needless to say these materials, including recordings and written information are copyrighted by Sam and Temier and are for your personal use only. Please contact Sam if you wish to use them for any other reason, including passing them on to others.